for everyone aged 18 yrs and under


Important changes are taking place in the natural world, some good and some not so good.


Could you take a photograph in or around Saddleworth which shows some aspect of this change?


Young photographers can use this competition to produce their own witness statement, by showing how nature is adapting  to living alongside us and also how people are helping nature to recover.

Could you make us stop and think when we see it?


Enter up to 3 photos in one of 3 classes according to age:

  • under 11

  • 11-15

  • 16-18 inclusive.

Prizes in each age group: 1st £30, 2nd £20, 3rd £10 

Overall winner an extra £20

A panel of expert judges will decide….


With more time at home, you can get out with your phone and see what you can find.

The deadline for submissions is midnight 19th February 2021


To enter:

  1. read the rules of the competition 

  2. complete an entry form for each photo, including a title and description of where you took the photo and what is special about it. 

  3. Our form cannot carry attachments so Email your photo(s) to

There are cash prizes for the winners and the Saddleworth Independent will publish your photo on its website.


This is a joint competition promoted by Saddleworth Community Hydro and the Saddleworth Independent.

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