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We invited young people to take a photo in or around the local area showing some aspect of the changes taking place in the natural world. Twenty-six young photographers used this competition to show how nature is adapting to living alongside us and how people are helping nature to recover.

From sunrise to snow fall, a host of eye-catching pictures capture the changing natural world in Saddleworth as they rose to the challenge 

Under elevens

1st prize and overall winner Lewis Jackson, 2nd prize Florence Howard, 3rd prize Ellie-Beth Power


This joint competition was promoted by Saddleworth Community Hydro and the Saddleworth Independent.

The expert judges were Jude Gidney, James Rushforth and Steve Suttill. We thank them for the care they took in judging 51 pictures.

16-18 winner Rosa Brierley 

Peep through to a winter wonderland

Taken in Greenfield and I took this photo because it shows nature changing to adapt to growing changes of living alongside us because it shows the beauty of nature breaking through the barriers and walls we have established and nature finds a way to thrive in the face of adversity.

Rosa Brierley Peep into a winter wonderl


1st Prize Emily Hohmann, 2nd Prize Lola Gradwell, 3rd Prize Rosa Brierley

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