Saddleworth Hydro Sustainability Fund

Grants are available from the Saddleworth Hydro Sustainability Fund to support renewable energy and carbon reduction projects in Saddleworth and neighbouring areas. This is your chance to make a difference! Up to £4000 is available for distribution over the next 12 months.

The maximum grant available is £2000, though we expect most grants to be less than this. 

If you think your organisation might be interested in bidding, do get in touch with us.


During this round we would again particularly welcome applications that will enable young people to participate in activities concerning renewable energy, reduction of carbon emissions and climate change. This supports The Oldham Pledge, which seeks to ensure all Year 7 pupils will be able to contribute to environmental sustainability (amongst other things). We also welcome bids from community groups, clubs and societies of all sorts, provided their project proposal is in line with the purpose of the Fund.

Link to the Application Form and Guidance Notes are at the bottom of the page..  


Before you fill in a form we would encourage you to contact us via 

Full details about how the scheme works can be found in the Guidance Notes below.

Turn your dream into a project and send in your bid!



We are pleased to announce:


£1500 to St Marks Heyside to install LED lighting.

£850 Boarshurst Outdoor Leisure Centre for loft insulation


£1000 to St Anne's Church Lydgate to upgrade their lighting to LEDs

£1000 to Lydgate Community Association improve sustainability of Lydgate Community Centre.

£500 to Saddleworth Museum to restore their solar panels after the refurbishment.

£100 to Mossley Heritage Centre to install low energy lighting.

£476 to Dobcross Band Club to install low energy lighting

£500 to Uppermill Community Association for work they are doing on land adjacent to the viaduct. 

£650 to Glodwick Cricket Club to install LED lighting throughout the premises in order to lessen the amount of energy used.

£1000 to Saddleworth Museum to upgrade their lighting to LEDs

£400 to Saddleworth Outdoor Pursuits Centre